Benefits of GP Pharmacists

Clinical and Financial Rewards

Rx Advisor

A company run by a clinical director possessing over 15 years experience as a primary care pharmacist. Rx Advisor manage national clinical pharmacist teams of whom cover the Midlands, North and South of England.

Their experienced workforce possess Clinical Diplomas and Independent Prescribing Qualifications and over the years have delivered GP prescribing support services nationally.

Case Studies

Medicines Management Support Services

Rx Advisor won a bid to provide NHS Outer North West London CCG with Medicines management support services in 2011/2012. This was the largest CCG MM commissioned service.

It was the first time that an external provider was used formally through a CCG. They delivered a service to 185 GP practices with a team of 20 Pharmacists.

Achieving verified prescribing savings in excess of £1.9m which resulted in a return on investment of over £5.60 per £1 invested.

Osteoporosis Therapy Review

Rx Advisor has been commissioned to provide this service across the country.

Between January and August 2014, they conducted on average 160,000 patient reviews across 400 practices.

This service resulted in a saving on average of:
£27,000 for prevention of hip fractures (across 3 years)
£1,500 per GP practice on prescribing efficiency (in year 1)